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Specialist Scaffodling Services

Why choose Just Scaffolding for your project? We promise that you will get experienced, professional scaffolders working on your project from start to finish. We discuss your project and agree how we will provide access for the specific areas of the build. We then devise a bespoke scaffolding solution that will be reliable and safe. Our highly qualified and experienced scaffolders then erect the scaffolding providing all equipment necessary. Once erection is complete, we test the scaffolding to ensure that it complies with all current regulations to ensure the safety of your team. Once the project is complete, we dismantle your scaffolding leaving all areas clean and tidy.

We can offer strong and versatile scaffolding solutions that we erect quickly, safely and ergonomically. We provide scaffolding for temporary roof structures to all types of customers from building companies to domestic residents throughout Hertfordshire .

  • Scaffold erection & dismantling
  • Protection for Roof and floor edge
  • Pavement protection for health and safety mesures
  • Safety netting
  • Alloy towers
  • Specialist scaffold project planning

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